Title: Tall, Dark & Slender: Caught in my Billionaire Brother’s Tentacles

Author: Stikki Minaj

tall dark and slender

WhatWhat: Rosaleen Surreal has reached an uneasy peace with her billionaire stepbrother, Phillip Kräken, while she reluctantly shares his penthouse and completes her graduate degree in cryptozoology. But when she follows him to Central Park West one night, sees his magnificent tentacles, and tries to defend his privacy from a pair of tabloid reporters, things take a turn for the intimate, and soon she’s mated to him…

Money Quotes:

“Ah, but this man in a suit is different,” Breton said with a surprising amount of patience. “For starters, he doesn’t have a face. It’s probably also worth mentioning that he is reported to have tentacles growing out of his back.” (loc 125)

Was it a coincidence? It had to be. Phillip Kräken was a billionaire playboy with more money than sense. Billionaire playboys don’t have tentacles. (loc 149)

For every part of me that was revealed, another dark, otherworldly appendage materialized to cup and caress my naked skin. (loc 344)

Verdict: If you’re bone-weary of billionaires, this one might change your mind. This story is well-written, and I’ve always liked Slenderman (NOT THAT WAY…well, maybe a little bit that way). Even the chapter titles are clever.