Title: Return to Brackford

Series: Brackford Hall (Book Two)

Author: Lianah Morgan

return to brackford

WhatWhat: Having spent two years in America, Lady Charlotte Russell returns to Brackford Hall, where she finds the attraction between herself and Cousin Andrew as strong as ever despite his marriage. When his brother-in-law Charles catches them in the act, their twosome becomes a menage, and then Charles makes Charlotte an offer she really can’t refuse (because he controls the estate).

Money Quote:

“You saucy minx. Why won’t you set him free, or refuse him when he comes to you? I can’t help but wonder if you enjoy that he’s someone else’s husband even more than you enjoy him.” (loc 243)

Verdict: The historical setting adds immeasurably to the forbidden aspect of this, and the whole thing is delectable. Flawlessly written, so you can read it without cringing over grammatical errors and the like. This had such a “historical BBC production” feel to it that I almost recommended it to my mother before remembering the many, many reasons why I should not do that.

No, I haven’t read book one yet, though I intend to; I have some sort of disorder that invariably causes me to read series out of order. It’s extremely annoying. Honestly, the last multi-volume thing that I read in its intended order was Lady Caro Lamb’s Glenarvon.