Title: The Perils of Penetrating Pixies

Series: The Janus Key Chronicles

Author: Alana Melos

perils of penetrating pixies

WhatWhat: The Janus key sends twins Dirk and Debbie Gudgeon into another world, and this time it’s Debbie’s turn for sexual adventure. Now a pale redhead with glowing green eyes, she barters a blowjob for clothes (there’s a twist most D&D campaigns fail to include) and attracts the attention of a fleet of horny pixies.

Money Quotes:

Debbie groaned and rolled her eyes. “Calculus. I still don’t know why they require calc for a geology degree. What? I’m going to figure out the area under the curve of the trajectory of the rock I throw?” (loc 27)

Debbie, once she was satisfied she wasn’t going to see her brother’s manly parts, stood up. (loc 53)

Actually Those Come in All Body Types:

The bow looked curvaceous, like a wanton woman, and runes were etched delicately into the metal. (loc 55)

Stereotypes Ahoy:

She licked the tip and shaft with her tongue to get him good and wet, then dived down on his dick with the passion of a thousand cheerleaders. She’d always made fun of cheerleaders in high school, buying into the trope that all of them were just sluts who screwed their boyfriends silly. Now, she wondered if she had missed out in high school, being too focused on her schoolwork. (loc 255)

Wow, so she used to buy into the trope that they were all sluts, but now she envies them for being non-academic sluts? Fuck you, Debbie.

Verdict: Aside from the inexplicable dissing of cheerleaders, this was charming and cute, and really did remind me of an adults-only D&D game. I love series, and this one is entertaining.