Title: The Sexorcist

Series: The Haunted Desperation Series

Author: Kiki Wellington


WhatWhat: The Sutter Avenue Paranormal Society investigate a haunted B&B, and Hope has an encounter with the ghost that’s been driving female guests wild…then bumps into a television producer in the parking lot.

Money Quote:

He picked up the pace and pounded my ass harder, faster, while stroking my eager bud. Then he started screaming, so there was no denying I was getting fucked. It probably shook the whole house, but he didn’t seem to mind…and as another orgasm moved through me, I didn’t either. (loc 320)

Way to be Professional, Hope:


“Yeah, it stands for Sutter Avenue Paranormal Society.”

“I see.”

“It can also stand for something else.”


“Sexy ass paranormal slut,” I said and then pursed my lips a little bit, hoping he would imagine what a sexy ass paranormal slut could do with her lips. (loc 400)

Verdict: I feel weird confessing this (although you already know I spend large chunks of time reading bizarre erotica, so why I’d feel weird confessing ANYTHING at this point is a mystery), but I adore those stupid paranormal shows where ghosthunters wander around in the dark going “Did you hear that?” about noises that the audience can’t hear. So I was predisposed to like this series. The clever installment titles helped as well.

But if you don’t enjoy ghosthunting, your attention might wander a bit, because there’s definitely more page time spent on the group dynamics and the set-up than there is on the sex. The writing is competent but not sparkling. I’m sticking with the series for now, to see if it hits its stride during the next few stories.