Title:  Sex Dungeons of the Rich and Famous (formerly Ravished and Lashed in the Cash Nexus)

Author: Aurora Sparks

sex dungeons of the rich and famous

WhatWhat: Remember the Choose Your Own Adventure books? Well, this is an interactive story like those. “You” get invited to a sex dungeon party at a private club for billionaires, and depending on your choices, you either spend an erotic night there, go to a different club and get hit on in line, go home to your cat and end up rescuing your former boyfriend from feminist kidnappers, or…various other things I probably haven’t hit yet.

Money Quote:

Yeah, it is, and you know what else is really cool? You can now fly and walk through walls, because you’ve transformed into an invisible, sentient cloud of orgasmolecules. (loc 3738)

Verdict: This was insane amounts of fun.