Title: The Bare Witch Project

Series: The Haunted Desperation Series

Author: Kiki Wellington

bare witch project

WhatWhat: The Sutter Avenue Paranormal Society get lost returning from the haunted B&Bof book one, and encounter Mary, a witch with a problem: her sister has cursed her so that no man can get near her (the sister astral-projects herself over and screws them first, apparently).

Money Quotes:

The whole enterprise was weird—why was I in a witch’s closet having sex with Dale? I had no idea. But as Dale shot a wad of come into my pussy, it didn’t matter to me either way. I was enjoying it…the logistics didn’t matter. (loc 362)

Verdict: The cringe-inducing “paranormal slut” conversation from the first book is repeated here, which almost made me quit reading, but I’m glad I didn’t. The characters are growing on me, and the dialogue is slightly snappier than in the first book.

But if I were an actual witch, there’s no way I’d be using dime store hand lotion. Hell, even without magic powers, I draw the line at cheap lotion.