Title: Bigfoot, You ARE the Father!

Author: Bytch Williams

bigfoot you are the father

WhatWhat: Denitra goes on the Murray Slobitch show to discover which of a set of monsters is the father of her baby. Flashbacks show how she hooked up with each, and in the present day she has two encounters with Murray Slobitch himself.

Money Quotes:

Denitra reached down and took its fat green member in her hand and started to stroke it. The chupacabra made a cooing sound at this, and began to stroke her pussy faster. (loc 102)

Before she could wrap her head around the idea that Tokoloshe, the famed water-spirit, was having its beastly way with her, she felt its thick cock press savagely against her asscheeks. (loc 236)

Verdict: Amusing, although definitely more firmly in the parody category than the erotic. A lot of fun to read, and also to inflict on other people.