Title: Tentacle Squad

Author: Eden Redd

tentacle squad

WhatWhat: Sybil, a member of the tentacle squad, saves a scientist from the Tentacle Spawn (partly by fucking one of said spawn).

Wouldn’t He Be More Likely to Kick Her Out When He Was a Bear, Though?

“I know your only spending the night but this bag is pretty heavy. Are you moving in and won’t tell me till the morning?”

Sybil gave him a sly smile. “Would you kick me out if that was true?”

Caleb looked up in faux thought. “Not until I had my cup of coffee. I am a complete bear until I have a taste of caffeine ambrosia.” (loc 43)

Actually, given the huge amount of bear shifter porn out there, maybe he WOULD be less likely to kick her out when he was a complete bear.

Money Quote:

The siren’s nipples pointed and warmth flooded between her legs. John was silent as black tentacles oozed up from his skin. They rose up from his shoulders and from the skin over his ribcage. The same happened with the two men behind him. Their eyes drank in Sybil’s heaving breasts. Sybil found it difficult to control her hand as she touched her own stomach and glided downward. (loc 247)

Verdict: Sort of an action-adventure story in prose form, only with explicit sex. And tentacle monsters. Okay, so not like any actual action movie I’ve ever seen (although I would watch the hell out of a movie that met that description), but with that whole well-armed-rescue-team vibe.

The Space Grammarians were mildly irked (especially when “the lover’s cried out in bliss” at loc 107), but not enough to actually visit Earth or anything.