Title: Coaxed by the Copyright Page

Author: Leonard Delaney

coaxed by the copyright page

Previously: Taken by the Tetris Blocks; Conquered by Clippy; Invaded by the iWatch

WhatWhat: The copyright page of the story starts to address you as you’re reading it, tells you about its encounter with Christie Aackerlund, and then starts to persuade you to perform intimate acts with it.

Money Quote:

So many people experience books with only their eyes, but she took me in with her other senses, tasting the shape of my legalese, smelling my sharp whiff of justice.

Soon, I was flipping through the folds of her ladyhood like pages in a book. I used my power cord to develop her backstory while in the front I moved her plot forward. I located her swollen little maguffin and propelled us into the climax. (loc 52)

Verdict: I’ve just recently read some choose-your-own erotica, and now this; it’s all getting weirdly interactive. But this was an entertaining little piece of weirdness, and the last bit—when the copyright page finally ends, and the story ties in to the author’s other work—made me laugh out loud.