Title: The Doctors and the Omega: Night Shifter Nurses

Author: Canis Blackfang

doctors and the omega

WhatWhat: Omega (and shifter) Farrel is in the hospital, being treated for his inability to shift. Doctor Kassel is an Alpha, and he has the cure. It’s sex. Of course it is.

…What? If “Omega” and “Alpha” sound unfamiliar to you, I’m guessing you’re not in fandom, because Omegaverse has pretty much invaded fanfiction everywhere. My favourite shorthand for Omegaverse is “dogfuck rapeworld,” because while there are an infinite number of variations, most center around combinations of shifting, knotting, involuntary heat cycles, and mpreg.

WHAT. Sorry. I can’t help with any anguish (or, I suppose, delight) Omegaverse virgins might experience on first reading about this. No one can. You’re lost to decent society now. Bring plenty of water and healthy snacks.

That’s Not How Knotting Works:

He was leading me to his den, his knotted alpha cock engorged and ready to plunge into my fertile omega asshole. (loc 22)

Look, I hardly want to set myself up as an expert here, but I’m pretty sure the “knotted” part shouldn’t happen until he’s already up your virgin omega asshole.

Which KIND of Fuzzy, Though?

“Sleep,” the nurse said, his face going fuzzy. (loc 40)

Money Quote:

Electricity shot through my body as without warning, Doctor Kassel’s cock flexed and swelled, and I felt a thick hot load of alpha semen shoot deep into my omega womb. My eyes rolled back into my head, and to my shock, I felt my wolf tail explode out from above my ass. My wolf ears popped out from my head, and I couldn’t stop myself from cumming right then and there. (loc 292)

I defy you to get that mental image out of your head. Like, ever. Also, no wonder American medical care is so expensive. It’s really…thorough.

Verdict: I’ve been riding this pretty hard, but honestly, it was generally well-written and disturbingly hot. I know, I live among the damned now. But in spite of how amused I was to find a fandom trope roaming free among the Kindleporn, this author has done a damned good job of translating it to original fiction.