Title: Big Primal Urges

Author: Whitney Woodbridge

big primal urges

WhatWhat: Julie and her boyfriend Andrew go on a camping trip, have sex several times without realizing they’re being watched by bigfoots (bigfeet?), and then Julie gets captured and forced into bigfoot sex.

Money Quotes:

It was late July in the Southern Ontario heat and Julie just couldn’t take it anymore. Her boyfriend, Andrew, had dragged her along to go camping somewhere north of Toronto and she had simply had enough of the heat, mosquitos, and lack of cell phone service. (loc 38)

Tied down in the middle of the forest with a bigfoot fingering her Julie began to cum. (loc 537)

Verdict: I’m not sure what this says about me, but I found the first part of this slightly tedious (though competently written). I’ve been on camping trips; I have loving, monogamous sex with my partner. I don’t need to read about either unless there’s some kind of tension or character development or plot advancement happening.

But then somewhere around the 70% mark, the bigfoot sex kicks in, and the story becomes interesting and really hot. It’s not that it was totally boring before—the Blair Witch-esque wooden structure and the baffled park rangers were entertaining, and there was nothing actually wrong with the sex and hiking scenes. I just found them notably less engrossing than the rest. The rest is fantastic.