Title: Lust at Sea

Author: Stefanie Quinn

lust at sea

WhatWhat: Samantha, a virgin destined to be a sexual sacrifice to a mysterious creature of the deep, is set on the beach of an uncharted island and ravished by tentacles. The tentacle monster is a good provider, though; the morning after he fucks her, she finds a barrel of fresh water on the beach, a sign that he’s accepted her and will continue to bring her food and water.

Just Where the Fuck is She Sailing From?

Soon, the only thing around us was water. The days turned into weeks; the weeks gave way to years. (loc 37)

I know sailing towards the equator in “an ancient wooden sailing ship” (loc 1) wouldn’t be FAST, but years? Really?

I Know It’s Painful for Some People, but Wow:

I gasped when he took my virginity, tearing my delicate hymen and making me into a woman. Fulfilling my purpose. The pain was incredible- worse than anything that I had felt before. (loc 103)

I hope this poor character never experiences childbirth. Although since she seems to be spending her life with a set of tentacles, I guess she’s safe.

Money Quote:

…at least I was in capable hands, even if they were tentacles. (loc 93)

She has a point, there. I’ve heard far worse first date stories than this one.

Verdict: Short, somewhat Lovecraftian story of tentacle sex, featuring an unexpectedly sweet ginormous sea monster. As sweet as it can be, I mean. It doesn’t bring flowers but it does bring water, which, let’s face it, is more of a priority anyway.