Title: Taken Back in Time: French White Wig Times

Author: Countess von Fondle

taken back in time

WhatWhat: After the dance-off and the T-Rex sex, Amber Avery finds herself (and her lover, Unicorn T-Rex billionaire Trevor Thor) in 1771 France, at a ball thrown by Thor’s mother. His younger self is also in attendance (and so is the Marquis de Sade), which inevitably leads to a threesome (with both Trevors and Amber, I mean, not the marquis), because who would want to miss that opportunity? No one, that’s who.

Money Quotes:

“Your Grace,” he said softly. (I had taken French in high school and community college.) (loc 30)

His testicles lay beneath it like two giant marbles in a rainbow-striped sack. (loc 35)

What Every Woman Really Wants From Her Unicorn Lover:

“Trevor,” I whispered. “Take me out into the garden. Make love to me by a fountain or a statue of an angel.” (loc 61)

Verdict: I could have gone on listing my favourite lines all day. I go around in real life reading parts of this out loud to people. I haven’t even included the twins on the special saddle or why Trevor is “an excellent multi-tasker” (loc 99), because I’m trying not to spoil the entire thing for you. It is SUBLIME.