Title: Beaten by the Bookstore Bully

Author: Flower Princess Kitty

beaten by the bookstore bully

WhatWhat: Barbara, a bookstore manager who appears to have anger management problems, roughly dominates her employees and a female shopper.

Maybe it’s just me, but parts of this sound like they might have been written by a man:

In her two inch heels she was 6’ tall and she towered over the 5’4” blonde in sneakers as she stalked her prey. Barbara walked right into the girl and used her quite formidable G-cup breasts to knock the little hippie chick over. (loc 27)

Written by a man?

…and she felt the older lady’s fit thighs begin to quiver as she let go a violent and very wet series of orgasms all over Michelle’s face. (loc 124)

Or possibly written by an alien who has never seen humans, let alone women:

She pinched her nipple like the lady had with one hand while working her clit with the other and had three back to back powerful orgasms almost immediately. (loc 43)

Verdict: Far be it from me to police anyone’s sexual fantasies: if you like lesbian erotica that sounds male-written, and you don’t mind domination fantasies that the real-life BDSM crowd would frown on ever enacting, this MIGHT be your cup of tea.

It wasn’t mine, but that’s because I prefer my lesbian erotica to sound like it was written by lesbians, or at least by women, or at least by someone who has a passing familiarity with female anatomy.

Similarly, while I don’t want every BDSM fantasy to come true (I can read oodles of kidnap stories, for example, but would frown on that in real life), I did cringe a bit at someone abruptly having a hairbrush shoved up her arse in this.

But your mileage may vary, which is the delightful thing about short-form erotica: there’s enough of a variety of stories available to satisfy widely varying tastes.