Title: Guess Who’s Coming At Dinner?

Author: Tabatha Austin

guess who's coming at dinner

WhatWhat: Michael’s the product of a cloning experimentation: he’s a Modified Human, who looks like a mini T-Rex. So when Jessica brings him along to dinner at her friends’ place, her formerly open-minded friends display some bigoted behaviour that she decides to correct by fucking Michael in front of them on the dining room table.

Money Quote:

Michael’s sharp British voice spoke out. “Ah, quite the appetizer. Your pussy is as delicious as ambrosia. Truly a feast for the gods!”

My pussy muscles clenched and quivered as he spoke. “How about a second helping dinoman?”

“Smashing idea. I believe I shall.” (loc 274)

Verdict: British accents do that to me too, although not generally at dinner parties. I loved the set-up/backstory; it’s pretty much the only dino-porn scenario that makes actual sense. A fun read.