Title: Marvin and the 50 Foot Woman

Author: France Barnaby

marvin and the 50 foot woman

WhatWhat: Marvin fetishes his Indian-American boss like crazy, so when she unilaterally decides that the best way to demonstrate her shrink ray is to use it on Marvin, he cashes it in to claim a favour: sex.

Warning: There are no fifty foot women in this book. It just feels that way to him because Marvin is eight inches tall.

Money Quote:

Did I spend ten years of my life earning a Ph.D. in physics so that I could wipe the cobwebs off of old computer equipment? In my college years I gave up a social life for the pursuit of higher knowledge. All so I could be melting solder off a circuit board. The only thing that made it worthwhile was seeing Anoushka every day. If it wasn’t for that, I would have quit years ago. I could have become a bum and moved in with my mother. (loc 155)

Verdict: This was cute, and I was especially impressed that the author had thought out the logistics (for example, Marvin feels cold all the time because of the change in his surface-to-volume ratio). As of this writing it’s free on Amazon; not just “Kindle Unlimited” free, but actually free for anyone.