Title: Lusting for the Lion

Author: Emanuelle Lovecraft

lusting for the lion

WhatWhat: Alone on his farm in South Africa, Pieter Smut despairs of getting the grapes harvested until five strangers show up, willing to help if hell pay their price…but they don’t want money.

Money Quotes:

South Africa had recently closed its borders to migrant workers in the wake of the Ebola crisis in the northern countries, so that option was off the table for Petyr. (loc 22)

The large Zulu warrior was definitely attractive as far as men went, but Pieter was definitely not of the homosexual bent. He had been happily married to his wife before she was brutally murdered during a break in almost fifteen years ago. (loc 61)

This character has a more tragic backstory than Chuck Tingle.

“Wait, what?” Pieter asked. “One of you? I’m an Afrikaaner. I can’t become Zulu. It just isn’t done. Your elders would have a conniption.”

Ah, you see, we aren’t really Zulu. Well we are, but we aren’t. We’re Tikoloshe, shape shifters.” Indlovu explained. (loc 77)

Verdict: I see the problems with punctuating dialogue that plague short form erotica know no boundaries. That aside, this is a satisfying m/m story with enough sense of place to make it stand out from the pack.