Title: Magical Girlfriends

Author: Michelle Morphette

magical girlfriends

WhatWhat: A girl named Allie transforms into Maiden Pink, who is not, I repeat not, Sailor Moon. Together with her friend Karrie (Maiden Blue) she fights evil, and by “fights evil” I mean “has sex.”

Money Quote:

“We need to combine our powers,” she says. She licks my cheek, then shuffles around so her knees are on either side of my head. She plunges her face between my thighs and sits on my face. (loc 466)

Really, “combine our powers”? Is that what the young people are calling it now?

Verdict: I won’t lie: this was freaking adorable. For the sake of transparency I should add that I used to like Sailor Moon a lot, so that might be part of the charm. But this had an actual plot, and some well-written sex.

Disturbingly, I realized after downloading this that I already have something by this author. That’s not the disturbing part; the disturbing part is that the something I have is called Unicorn and Pegasus, which I bought last year because of reasons that escape me at the moment. (As far as I can remember that was pretty cute too.)