Title: Para-Sexual Activity

Author: Kiki Wellington

Series: Haunted Desperation

parasexual activity

WhatWhat: Hope is on a date with hot TV producer Jason, who might be interested in giving her group, the Sutter Avenue Paranormal Society, a television show. But the date goes to hell when she’s called upon to babysit a sort of Dybbuk box.

Money Quotes:

“I want a show!” Dale said enthusiastically. “Do you have any idea how much free pussy guys from reality shows actually get? All you have to do is be on TV, and women are throwing poon at you for miles.” (loc 87)

I have no idea if that’s true, but I kind of want to ask Ryan Buell or John Edward or someone. Although to be honest it sounds more like a job hazard than a perk.

“People get a lot of chances to speak at paracons when they have their own show.” (loc 127)

“I understand. Is there anything else I should know?”

“You need to call your mother.”

“My spirit guides told you that?”

“No. I ran into her at the supermarket this morning and she told me you haven’t been in touch for a while.” (loc 182)

Okay, this quote requires context: in both the previous books Hope trotted out the same horrible joke about SAPS standing for “sexy-ass paranormal slut.” Apparently even the other characters share my hatred of that one line:

“I still wish you’d cut it out with that stupid joke.” (loc 119)

Verdict: I swear I started downloading these because I loved the titles, and while the previous two books weren’t bad at all, this is the one that got me really, really hooked. It’s witty and sexy, and the revelation of what’s in the Dybbuk Box is perfect. Also, Hope got her start legend tripping; I’m starting to relate to this character, even if she does keep telling that one joke I hate.

Again: you have to have at least a teensy bit of an interest in paranormal investigations to fully enjoy the atmosphere of this, I think. Or at least, you have to not HATE them or fly into a blind rage every time you’re reminded they exist or anything.*

*True story: I know someone who practically froths at the mouth if you say the name “John Edward.” I think a medium ran over his dog and then refused to contact it or something. Okay, I made that last part up. But this guy HATES psychics. He would not enjoy this series, is all I’m saying.