Title: The Doctor Will See You Now

Series: Bearapy

Author: Rosabel Darke

the doctor will see you now

WhatWhat: Since becoming a werewolf Theo has been avoiding intimacy with his wife, Samantha, so now the couple are seeking therapy from Doctor Drake Bennett, who is himself a bear shifter. He solves their problems by fucking Samantha in front of her husband. Sounds legit.

Money Quotes:

She spread her legs even wider, baring herself fully to the bear, and slowly rubbed her clit as she stared into his eyes, daring him. (loc 270)

Verdict: Bear erotica is a Thing, and I hear cuckhold stories are hugely popular, so this should do well. And I hope it does, because it was literate, entertaining, and clever. Not quite my kink, and I still liked it enough to want to read the sequels.