Title: Cooking with Ergot

Author: Luisa Prieto

cooking with ergot

WhatWhat: Dominic Abernathy is a kitchen witch with his own cooking show. Now a possible witch hunter is scheduled as a guest star. Witches disappear without a trace when Carter Brooks, author of Cooking with Ergot, is in town. Dominic is understandably worried he might be next…

This isn’t exactly an erotic short. I mean, it’s erotic, and it’s short-ish, but it’s more the sort of story you’d usually find reviewed on one of the m/m romance blogs. But a friend bought me a copy, and it’s so cute and quirky and well put together that I can’t pass up the opportunity to review it.

Money Quote:

It took him two years, and when he cast the spell, he concentrated on everything he thought a familiar should have. He wanted it to be as intelligent as Merlin. As courageous as the Scarlet Pimpernal. As cool-sounding as Peter Cushing.

And he wanted it all in the form of his most cherished companion: his stuffed tiger.

Really. What did people expect? He was eight. (loc 100)

Verdict: This was brilliant, and meticulously researched. The last m/m I read that was this well done was K.J. Charles’ Think of England.