Title: Seduced by the Shark

Author: Emanuelle Lovecraft

seduced by the shark

WhatWhat: South African surfer Johannes Kristoffsen gets dragged deep underwater by an enormous shark, which turns out to be a Tikoloshe: a shape shifter. In his megalodon form he prowls the ocean, trying to protect it from humans, but he needs back-up, so he turns Johannes. And by “turns” I mean “has anal sex with in order to turn him into another megalodon,” because of course I do.

Money Quotes:

The grinning man had sharp, jagged white teeth and completely black eyes, even the sclera, giving him a distinct alien cast. (loc 95)

That is both striking and absolutely freaking terrifying. Not that I disapprove: I like my shifters with a bit of an edge. (I also like my vampires frightening and non-sparkling, just for the record.)

If this was to be the last fuck of his life, he might as well enjoy it even if it was with a man. (loc 141)

Verdict: Both terrifying and erotic, and manages to make shifter porn fresh by using Zulu mythology. There are more by this author, and I’ll definitely be checking them out.