Title: My Blackmailed Step

Author: Lucrezia Lannister

my blackmailed step

WhatWhat: Pale, slender, dark-haired Luke has long had a crush on his gold-haired well-muscled stepbrother Theo, so he’s distressed to find Theo is apparently intimately involved with a sleazy coworker at their architectural firm. Luckily that gets straightened out in favour of some wholesome step-sibling sex.

Money Quote:

After all these years of never giving more than the most fleeting sign, my stepbrother was finally admitting he had non-platonic feelings for me? On the same day that I caught him necking with a guy who wasn’t fit to wipe his boots? (loc 146)

Verdict: This is a strangely romantic, touching story, and oddly enough, that seems to be true of several of the pseudo-incest stories I’ve read. This could be a worrying side effect of reading too much erotica. Or it could just be that these stories highlight a sort of “falling in love just once for someone who knows you better than anyone else ever could” fantasy that in conventional romance would get translated into “boy next door.” In erotica there are fewer gestures towards respectability, and we get to see the heart of the fantasy laid bare, so to speak.

Anyway, this is flawlessly written and disturbingly sweet.