Title: Warlock’s Cove Part One

Author: Jade Astor

warlock's cove part one

WhatWhat: Wharton’s Cove, also known as Warlock’s Cove, has a history of witchcraft, several currently-resident vampires, a new “Folkloric specialist” working at the university, and a throbbing undercurrent of gay sexuality. So in other words, it’s Dante’s Cove in print form, only one hopes it will avoid the depressing Godawful ending that had me screaming at my television in frustration.

Oops, sorry, that got a little off-topic. Apparently I am not even a little bit over how Dante’s Cove ended.

Money Quote:

It had to suck knowing your partner of almost two centuries had come to prefer a fiery death and oblivion to spending another night with you. (loc 98)

Does anyone else find themselves wondering if that’s what’ll eventually happen in the Twilight-verse, or is it just me?

Verdict: I enjoyed this, and as long as no-one ends up TRAPPED IN A FUCKING MIRROR I intend to go on enjoying future installments, even though I will have to buy those whereas I got part one for free.