Title: FBI Stepbrother to the Rescue

Author: Lucrezia Lannister

fbi stepbrother rescue

WhatWhat: If you can’t figure out the gist of this from the title, I’m not sure I can help you. But to fill in some of the fine details, JoAnne is a virgin married to a mobster who sees her only as a useful future hostage, and her stepbrother Sam is the FBI agent who’s about to put the mobster and his family behind bars before de-virginating JoAnne.

Money Quote:

There was no one who could compare to JoAnne. No way any other woman could ever be to me what my little stepsister was. No way I could build with anyone else what I’ve built with JoAnne. (loc 165)

Verdict: And once again, I am disturbed as hell to find myself sighing romantically over pseudo incest. I think possibly I have residual damage from having read Flowers in the Attic at an early age. Lannister is a really good, competent, evocative author, which makes things either better or worse, depending on how you look at it. Well worth the read, provided you’re an only child, which I thankfully am.