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BROjOBBERS 1Once again it’s almost like he’s reading my mind. Jim is amazing that way. I credit it to the strength of our friendship. We’ve been tight for years, the best of buds right since we started hanging out with one another.
“If we don’t want this to get queer we need to spend less time thinking and talking, and more time getting off,” he says now, turning from the window. He casually unzips his khaki pants. Whoa. Why have I never noticed until now that one of my best friends wears such dad pants?
His abs are taut and inviting beneath the waistband, though. I mean, inviting in the sense that they inspire me to keep working out and perfecting my own body, of course. It’s not like I want to touch them or anything.
No, actually, I do kind of want to touch them. Just to check them out for the sake of comparison. They’re admittedly awesome abs. Nothing wrong with wanting to run my hands over them.
“I’ll go first,” Jim says, still sounding completely cool and casual as he drops trou and stands there shamelessly in his boxers. I can’t help but think about how classy he looks; even with his pants around his ankles you’d just know he was a lawyer. Then I realize what he just said.
“Oh, uh…sure,” I say, a little awkwardly. I can’t exactly say no, I remind myself. This was my idea, after all.
This is the make or break moment, I decide. If I don’t follow through now, we’ll end up laughing it off and pretending we were just kidding all along.
On the other hand, if I go through with this, Jim will spread the idea around our friends group and the next thing you know I’ll be famous (in a secret way). They’ll forever have to credit me as the genius guy who came up with the idea in the first place. Every time they get off in an uncomplicated, straightforward, manly way, they’ll have me to thank. We’ll probably even have meetings sometimes, and I’ll get to be the leader, since this is my club and all. Maybe I’ll even have a special chair.
Lost in dreams of glory, I drop to my knees almost absent-mindedly. All that’s standing between me and my new standing in our group is a little cocksucking. How hard can that be?
Seconds later I see exactly how hard: Jim pulls his thick, hard cock out. It’s impressively lengthy, and the tip is already seeping pre-cum. Not that I point that out: I’m too polite to embarrass him with the evidence of his eagerness for this encounter.
I also see his pubic hair for the first time. It’s flaming red, just like the rest of his hair. I always wondered about that, but only in a straight way.
I lick my lips nervously, but my own cock is straining against the confines of my board shorts. It’s only because I know that if I seal the deal I’ll get to be the one being sucked off lots of times, or at least, that’s what I tell myself. It is definitely NOT because I’m kind of excited about sucking another man off. Uh-uh, no way.
My mouth is watering, though, and I gulp nervously before leaning forward and tentatively tonguing just the tip. Jim moans and grips my blond hair in both hands, pulling me forward so that I’m more or less forced to open my mouth as his cock presses firmly against my lips.
I wasn’t expecting that. Boy, he’s really into this. I feel kind of smug about it, like I’m discovering a new skill.
Except, hold on: turning on men isn’t exactly a skill I want to have. Is it?
Maybe, if it’s just my good guy friends. After all, that doesn’t really count as gay. It’s just a convenient arrangement, so I might as well take pride in doing my very best by my bud. Like, if he wanted me to help him built a deck I wouldn’t do a crappy job and drive the nails in crooked, right? I’d pound them in hard and straight. This is no different.
My mind made up, I relax my neck and let him guide me. He’s pulling me onto his cock, forcing himself past my gag reflex, and then gently pushing me back. We fall into a rhythm. This is easy, once I get the hang of relaxing my throat so that my eyes stop water and he can plug his fat cock all the way down.
Oh my God, he’s actually fucking my face! He’s riding me, gliding back and forth on my tongue, totally making me his bitch.
My own cock is aching for release, throbbing with every expert stroke of Jim’s dick. I can’t help it: I’m more turned on than I’ve ever been in my entire life. I can feel pre-cum leaking out of my needy cock, and reach down to grab myself in one hand while I continue letting my best bud facefuck me. He’s speeding up now. He must be close.
He’s got such a tight grip on my hair that I come face to face with an avoidable truth.No, not his increasingly taut balls, which are hitting my chin over and over again. The truth about what’s going to happen any second now.Jim’s going to cum, and I’m going to have no choice except to swallow every hot drop.