Title: Pounded by Pluto: The Crappiest Planet

Series: Leonard Delaney Presents: The Planets

Author: Leonard Delaney

pounded by pluto

WhatWhat: Fed up with the ridiculous things that get published on the internet, scientist Tyson DeNeil Grassbone borrows a sentient spaceship from Sir Dick Branson and goes off to sulk on Pluto. Except Pluto isn’t a planet, it’s a….you know, I’m not sure what it is. It fucks him, anyhow.

Money Quotes:

He was eager to explore the scientific ramifications of the element of love. He unzipped his space suit and let his sizeable yet clever-looking penis flop out. (loc 193)

“I want to know what love is. I want you to show me,” said Tyson, grateful that this planet was allowing a foreigner to share this experience with it. (loc 204)

Verdict: I was honestly expecting scat or at least anal, so was pleasantly (?) surprised to find that wasn’t the case. As always with Delaney’s work, the real pleasure is in watching pop culture laid bare and spread open for the reader’s amusement.