Title: Riddled by the Sphinx

Series: The Janus Key Chronicles

Author: Alana Melos

The expression on that camel's face says it all.
The expression on that camel’s face says it all.

WhatWhat: Twins Dirk and Debbie Gudgeon are still being tossed between worlds for the amusement of Janus. This time they end up in a world similar to Ancient Egypt, only with a live, horny sphinx. You can guess where this is going. Yes: straight to Dirk’s Valley of the Kings.

Money Quotes:

“How do you even know that anyway?”

“…Dungeons and Dragons Monster Manual, first edition,” he admitted, a little shamefully. (loc 378)

He lavished the dick with attention, worshipping it, and worshipping the sphinx as he did so. (loc 526)

Dragged. An.

They obeyed their master, and drug and unwilling Debbie towards the center of the room where the deep fire pit lay. (loc 391)

Verdict: This is an entertaining series that gets better with each installment, and the twins try to figure out what’s happening to them (what’s happening to them overall, I mean, with the key; what’s happening to them in each episode is pretty clear to all involved). Also I feel an affinity for Dick now that I know he owns a classic Monster Manual. Respect.