Title: Omega Indoctrination: Billionaire’s Prize

Author: Canis Blackfang

omega indoctrination

WhatWhat: Dogfuck Rapeworld, Billionaire Edition. Simon Leids gets bitten by a homeless guy and is suddenly gay and a werewolf. Specifically, he’s an omega werewolf, which means billionaire Alpha werewolf Caster Grant is interested in him, because omegas can bear pups.

…I’d like to apologize to anyone unfamiliar with Omegaverse fic. If this is your first introduction to it, God I’m sorry.

Money Quotes:

Wolves. Alpha wolves. They stood on their hind legs, exposing their rigid knotted dicks, their fur pulling back into their bodies and exposing human skin. (loc 228)

Achievement Unlocked: Cocksucking!

He was operating almost as if in a trance–he had never sucked a cock before but was going at it on autopilot with almost practiced technique, as if it had been unlocked from within him. (loc 249)

How Not to Respond to a Human Bite:

“I can’t believe he bit you, dude. You want me to take you to the hospital or anything?”

“No, no. It’s not that bad. Nothing some rubbing alcohol and a bit of this awesome whiskey can’t fix.” (loc 171)

Verdict: Slightly more plausible than Fifty Shades, and way less tedious.