Title: Dominated for the Billionaire’s Enjoyment

Author: Doreen Kain

dominated for the billionaire's enjoyment

WhatWhat: Terry is at a bar called The Chambers, when a self-assured, attractive dom invites him to play. The dom has a friend with him, an older man who likes to watch. After some flogging and oral, he gives Terry an invitation to an exclusive play party at a private mansion…

Money Quotes:

Quickly I swallowed the last of my drink – no dom was worth wasting a mudslide, the greatest drink in the world. (I like to call them “white Russians” or “Kryceks”.) (loc 25)

I did my best to suck, but it wasn’t really necessary because Dave was fucking my mouth and he clearly didn’t require anything but compliance from me. (loc 135)

Verdict: Fairly typical m/m bdsm billionaire story, but punches above its weight because the author has such a firm grasp of the mechanics, both of writing and of kink. Sly sense of humour peeks through, and sex scenes scorchingly illustrate the pleasures of submission.