Title: Warlock’s Cove, Part Two

Author: Jade Astor

warlocks cove part two

WhatWhat: Vampire Cyril Beaumont continues to circle Professor Dane Forrest. Bereaved vampire Simon continues to meet a mysterious guy on the beach.

Money Quotes:

Not so the serious scholars. They’d do anything to present some breakthrough discovery to the world. Even stake and behead a vampire on Youtube, if they had to. (loc 113)

Nothing says “serious scholarship” quite like that.

He felt like he was melting. The sensation hurt deep within his long-dead chest and yet, at the same time, it gave him an improbably type of life. It was nothing short of amazing. (loc 295)

Who to the what now?

Then, with a snarl of surrender, he dropped to his knees in front of Dane and drew his palm against his lip. (loc 385)

That is a deliciously sensual image, somehow.

Verdict: It’s a soap opera, and it’s still reminding me of Dante’s Cove, but it’s a lot of fun and mildly addictive.