Title: Omega Destined: Billionaire’s Secret

Author: Canis Blackfang

omega destined

WhatWhat: Dogfuck Rapeworld meets Romeo and Juliet. Billionaire omega werewolf Everett Grenwald must accept a suitor and mate for life in order to please his father, but the suitor his father has selected (Kristoff Zambardo) is repulsive, and besides, Everett has never gotten over his boyhood crush on lowborn alpha Trent Varen–who just happens to be Zambardo’s bodyguard.

If that all sounds a lot like a Harlequin romance, just remember there’s shapeshifting and knotting in this, which rarely show up in category romances.

Money Quotes:

“I’ve been looking forward to our union,” he shouts, trying to sound seductive over the sound of the engine. I give him a forced smile, and whirls around dramatically in a lame attempt to look cool. (loc 97)

I see his head snap back and bang hard against the wall and he crumples to a heap, unconscious. “And fuck you too,” I say, then I lift up my hind leg and piss on him. (loc 1190)

Verdict: This really, really did remind me of romance novels, and I unexpectedly found myself getting caught up in Trent and Everett’s relationship. The knotting was less obtrusive in this one, somehow. Possibly I’m developing immunity.

Also, Canis Blackfang is still the best possible pseudonym for Omegaverse stuff.