Title: Long Tongue Liz 2: Hungry Instincts

Author: I.M.Rogue

long tongue liz 2

WhatWhat: Lizard/lesbian Liz hooks up with Sandy’s sister Stacy, prompting jealousy, then she and Sandy share a lactating woman at a fair, and finally have some tender sex on their last day together (before Sandy and her family leave the lake, and Liz, behind).

Money Quotes:

“Stacy looks tasty” she cooed softly. (loc 42)

“I am not guy” I stated unconvincingly. (loc 49)

Yes, that is unconvincing. I suspect you mean “gay,” Stacy.

She teased my mouth with her tongue, adjusting depths until I swooned intimately. After a few minutes we continued on the carnival, both of us with bonded smiles. (loc 179)

I’m not sure what bonded smiles are, but they sound painful.

I lied down in the moonlight and let Liz feed on me on that warm special summer night. (loc 285)

The Space Grammarians weep bitter tears when you do this:

“Are you going swimming with us” Tim asked her hopefully. (loc 19)

Verdict: Woeful SPAG errors aside (and I’ve tried to give you the flavour of them), there’s a hot, romantic story here. Who doesn’t daydream about having a lesbian lizard who feeds via oral sex of their very own?

…No? Well, you will after you read this. Provided, that is, that the way the dialogue is punctuated doesn’t make you poke your own eyes out first.