Title: Fondled by the Flying Dutchman

Author: Cassidy Beach

fondled by the flying dutchman

WhatWhat: Tiffany Wong’s marriage to a jackass social-media billionaire ends badly, and to pay him back for his infidelity, she fucks the entire ghostly crew of the Flying Dutchman, plus the ship itself.

Money Quotes:

He named his 70-foot yacht Chick Magnet, which I probably should have taken as a red flag. Instead, I just told him it was funny. Some of my friends told me they’d heard he was a skeeve, but what did they know? I was the one who was married to the guy. (loc 67)

Oh Honey, no.

I went over to the helm and looked at the ship’s wheel. It was huge and wooden and had spokes all around it. When I went up to touch it, all the spokes magically transformed into cocks. (loc 156)

Verdict: This is another Cassidy Beach story where the setup and backstory is more memorable than the sex (okay, almost: that thing with the ship’s wheel is pretty damned unforgettable, as is the lesbian figurehead). This author has a talent for writing lousy boyfriends and then providing the satisfying spectacle of a woman using sex to get over them.