Observant readers will note  that I’ve already reviewed this book. But because this book morphs in response to reviews, an update is required.

rammed by the reviews

Title: Rammed by the Reviews for this Book

Author: Leonard Delaney

Money Quote:

“A raptor, like in the name of the blog,” the review said in its sultry, Canadian-accented voice. It stretched itself out, growing until it was the size of a duck. It made whirring sounds when it moved, as if, under the scaled skin, razor-sharp teeth, and hooked claws, it was a mechanized machine inside. (loc 163)

This is the second time I’ve appeared in erotic fiction in raptor form (the first was courtesy of Chuck Tingle). It’s doing interesting things to my self-image.

Just to clarify: I do, in fact, have a sultry Canadian voice. Sometimes it’s Ontario-ish and sometimes it’s Newfoundland-esque, but it’s always dead erotic.

Verdict: Dialogue rings true (for me anyway, I can’t speak for the other reviewer who has also been immortalized), and this was insane amounts of fun to read. I mean, my husband may require therapy to recover, but even he agrees that was an amazing, disturbing bedtime read.

Seriously, don’t miss your chance: go leave a review at Amazon or somewhere so you can experience the thrill of inclusion in what is surely our era’s signature art form.

Also, as a fellow Canadian Mr. Delaney is probably particularly appreciative of whatever coins get tossed his way. Our dollar is steadily sinking into the depths; we’re talking sub-sub-basement levels. If you can afford to support kindle authors, please do. They’re generally a decent group of people. I personally just bought five hard copies of The Pop Culture Value Combo (reviews to follow), four of which I shall bestow on unsuspecting friends, who I encourage to respond with gifts of chocolate and/or restraining orders.