Title: Taking Care of Kirstie

Author: Candy Banger

taking care of kirstie

WhatWhat: Kirstie hears Mrs. Roberts crying, and when she goes to investigate she overhears a discussion and learns that Mr. and Mrs. Roberts (the couple she boards with) have been rejected as unsuitable to adopt children. And no bloody wonder: they’ve got an adult nursery and diapers for grown-ups set up in the basement, and before long Kirstie has agreed to be their adult baby with all that entails.

Signs You May Be Entering “Little” Territory:

  1. pastel colours everywhere (I will be honest, though: I love these covers)
  2. there’s a grown-ass woman with a teddy bear
  3.  someone (not the heroine) is described as having “mammoth tits”

Money Quotes:

I hated the responsibilities of adult life, and for the time being, not having to worry about bills and stuff suited me just fine. I paid one lump sum every month to Mr. Roberts, and he took care of everything. (loc 39)

“Bring over the diapers, Daddy, we need to get Baby strapped in.” (loc 150)

I hate to rain on anyone’s kink, but that last sentence would need no tweaking whatsoever to fit into a horror movie.

Verdict: Well, the story definitely plays to the hardships of adult life and the comparative ease of childhood, or even just playing-at-childhood. I can see the appeal of that aspect. Seriously, who couldn’t relate to that?

The writing is good. I mean no-grammatical-errors, smoothly-flowing good.

The diaper and breastfeeding elements are lovingly dwelt on, which I guess would please readers whose kinks those are, and for the rest of us it serves as a bracing reminder that maybe paying the rent isn’t all that bad after all.