Title: Eight Bigfoot Buckaroos Hate my Butt and Pound It

Author: Chuck Tingle

eight bigfoot buckaroos

WhatWhat: Porb’s butt is wanted for murder, and Porb is in the custody of bounty hunter Bip ‘Tight Butthole’ Rube. A winter storm forces them to take shelter in a cabin where six other Bigfoots are also staying; Porb’s butt is proven innocent, but pounded by the seven Bigfoots anyway.

Money Quotes:

Why would I rather be anywhere besides Denver? The answer is simple: After several false accusations against my butt, it has been tried for murder and sentenced to hang in the Denver town square. (loc 6)

As usual, my butt is wanted pounded or tight…(loc 22)

Verdict: I had no idea what this was in reference to until my husband drew my attention to The Hateful Eight.Yeah, I know, it’s THE SAME THING only the Tingleverse version has Bigfoots and group sex, so clearly I never have to see the movie now.

The questions I really wanted answered (“How exactly would a butt murder someone?” and “How would you hang a butt, and would the owner survive?”) never do get answered, alas.