Title: Monsters Made Me Gay: Drop Bear Group Encounter

Author: Hank Wilder

drop bear drop bear brigade

Alternate Version: Violated by Monsters: The Drop Bear Brigade by Hannah Wilde

WhatWhat: Landon is working on a banana farm in Australia when the Drop Bears the locals had teased him about show up, seeking anal.

Money Quote:

There’s a joke that people tell you when you plan on visiting Australia, a completely unfounded piece of knowledge that’s been passed around like a rugby ball, or whatever it is that they play over there. (loc 1)

Truth be told, I am absolutely aching to cum right now, and as the drop bears begin to loo me up and down with their little black eyes, I begin to find myself overwhelmed by the flooding sensation of gay arousal. (loc 174)

Verdict: The protagonists of erotica are a hardy lot, able to spring from terror to arousal with barely a pause. In all seriousness though, I’ve heard of worse things happening in Australia, usually involving spiders.