Title: Vicky’s Little Friend (Back to Bimbo 2)

Author: Eric Stray

vicky's little friend

WhatWhat: Apparently Vicky used to be a brilliant inventor, but then she invented a machine that de-aged her and made her perpetually horny and more than a little dim. Now she’s hot for the girl across the street, Gabrielle, and persuades her to step into the machine…

Money Quotes:

The petite teen bucked her hips and gave a muffled moan. The sound would’ve filled the room if not for the fact that Vicky loved to suck her thumb while she played with herself. (loc 11)

Instead she was short and adorable, trapped inside the body that puberty skipped. (loc 17)

“It’s just these nails! They’re like, super hot, but it’s sooo hard to rub my clit just right with em!” the woman said, with a giggle. (loc 434)

As she stepped slowly into the room, the bimbo started groping her breasts openly in front of her. “Gawd, I can feel them getting bigger…I totally couldn’t help myself. It feels just so good when my titties grow.” (loc 441)

Verdict: I’m not sure what to make of this. I picked it up expecting it to be an ageplay story. The cover is pink! There’s a teddy bear! But it’s actually a bimbofication story, and I don’t even know enough about those to judge if it’s a good one. I did enjoy Gabrielle (newly de-aged and dumbed down) wistfully going through the bag of little-kid clothes she’d been meaning to through out, loving them all over again. Everyone in this is so wet all the time it’s like a Biblical flood, though, and Vicky’s former lab assistant is now a huge-breasted moron, which I found more disturbing than erotic.