Title: Little Louisa: a BDSM ageplay romance

Author: Chloe Carpenter

little louisa

WhatWhat: On her way to the job she hates (and is frequently late for or inept at), Louisa dashes into traffic to save a child, because of course she does. Handsome Frank Rivers sees her act of melodrama-worthy heroine-ism, and saves her, accompanying her to the hospital and sweeping her off her feet (and over his lap).

Money Quotes:

“I’ll stay with her for as long as is required,” came a voice from behind the curtain. (loc 144)

He really could be the heroine of a Harlequin romance from 1970 or so.

“Well, Louisa Felicity Young, you’re a naughty girl.”

She blinked. “I am?” He nodded. “Why?” (loc 259)

Never mind why; call the police. You have a total stranger in your house and he’s acting strange.

“Shouldn’t have drunk all that liquid,” she said sheepishly. “I think I’ll try and get upstairs on my own with the crutches.”

“You will not,” Frank said emphatically, and carried her up.

She gave him a sidelong look as they ascended. “You’re very bossy.”

“I am. And you like it.”

Louisa was about to deny it, but instead, she giggled. He was right, she did like it. She loved his assertiveness and the effortless way he took control. (loc 517)

You. Met. Him. Yesterday.

Louisa sat on the edge of her bed as Frank rifled through her drawers. He produced a clean bra and a stretchy pink top, plus a pair of pink panties. He opened the wardrobe and pulled out a skirt. (loc 533)

Competence porn. Seriously, I don’t think I’ve met a man who could capably and without asking a billion questions assemble a reasonable (if very pink) outfit.

His little one was so sexually responsive as well as being a sweet girl. (loc 846)

YOU IDIOTS MET YESTERDAY. For all you know the “sweet girl” has got ten kids and a rap sheet a mile long.

“I’m really looking forward to it. Can we go early? Straight after breakfast? Can I bring Charlie, and monkey? Oh and my grey rabbit – he wants to come too. I think we should get up extra early – like 5 o’clock.” She prattled on non stop, working herself up into a state of high excitement. (loc 1168)

Frank’s some kind of saint, when you really think about it.

Verdict: A fun, frothy, enjoyable read. The hatred of a job she isn’t particularly good at made me sympathize with the heroine while simultaneously wanting to wring her neck.

If it weren’t for the part where this is explicit erotica, this story is so sweet you could give it to your elderly great-grandmother. It reads a little bit like a retro Mills & Boone Romance, but with ageplay and spankings and a lot of talk about “Daddy’s cock.”

The heroine is so trusting she makes Ana Steele look like a sensible human being with sound instincts about her personal safety, and so improbably virtuous she could have stepped out of the pages of a Victorian novel intended for children (apart from the sex, obviously). But I suspect that’s part of the fantasy.