Title: Owning Her Innocence

Author: Alexa Riley

owning her innocence

WhatWhat: Haley has just turned eighteen, but all is not well: she doesn’t really want to grow up, and “Daddy William,” the friend of her father’s who used to babysit her, has been acting distant for a year. But after some guy her own age tries to roofie her at a party, William (I mean “Daddy”) rescues her, for a value of “rescues” here meaning “ties her to his bed and ejaculates on her chest before letting her know she can be his Little Girl forever.”

Money Quotes:

He even went so far as to clear out my room last week, removing all my stuffed animals, my baby dolls that I’ve had since before I can remember, hiring William’s construction company to paint over my beautiful pink walls. Now the room is an ugly blue that makes me stomp my feet every time I see it. (loc 53)

Parents just don’t understand.

I know he means well, but the thought of growing up and being a woman terrifies me to the core. (loc 59)

If only there was some way to avoid that…but there really, really isn’t, no matter how many ruffles you have on your clothes or how often you call your lover “Daddy.” Oops, sorry, I’m editorializing.

Speaking of lovers:

He’d pick me up from school when Father had to work late, or he’d stay over and put me to bed when Father couldn’t make it home. (loc 64)

Luckily she’s all grown up now:

Cheese and crackers! That came out way whinier than I intended. (loc 81)

I’ve heard my father say she’s a gold digger who will sleep with anyone, whatever that means. (loc 126)

You’re not fooling anyone with that little “whatever that means,” Miss Cattypants.

“Fucking hell! You don’t have a gag reflex? Fuck. I knew you were perfect. Too fucking perfect.” (loc 472)

I don’t hate men – far from it – but sometimes there are moments when I can almost understand women who do.

Hilariously, there is a Wise Older Woman in the form of a housekeeper who immediately loves Haley and approves her relationship with the boss (this is the morning after he takes her home for the first time):

“Mr. Darkling has been moping around this house for the past few years, and then today I walk in here and it’s like he’s finally woken up. I’m guessing you were the one to wake him.” (loc 546)

His name is Mr. Darkling. I am in LOLve. Is anyone else picturing Darkwing Duck right now?

Verdict: This was a pleasant enough read that I think I’ll hit the rest of the series at some point.

Something I’ve been meaning to mention as I tackle ageplay stories for the first time is that they are generally longer than the erotic stories I read (this one, for instance, runs to 71 pages), and grammatically much sounder than the average. Which makes them an enjoyable read, if you can get past grown women acting as if they don’t know why on earth they get wet when they’ve been making out with someone.

I get, I really do, the fantasy of letting go and having someone else assume responsibility for you. I also legitimately appreciate wanting to hang on to certain childish pursuits or cute clothes or favourite toys. I confess to doing all of the above. But the golly-gee-goshness of these, the breathy endless bouncy enthusiasm and hard-to-swallow complete lack of awareness, can be a little too much for me. Or perhaps that should be a Little too much. Still, there’s an undeniably pleasant sense of escapism in this story, and over all I think it’s one of my favourite finds in this subgenre.