Title: Little Lexie and the Big Girl Bet

Author: Chloe St. Claire

little lexie

WhatWhat: Alexis goes drinking with her best friend, Owen, and after losing a bet (that she can recite the alphabet backwards) she has to spend 24 hours being Owen’s adult baby girl.

Money Quotes:

He rummaged through the drawer of his night table and came out with a thick, crinkly diaper. It was white, but with little primary-coloured animals all over it. She couldn’t believe how loud it was as he handled it, and she didn’t even want to think about how loud it would be when she had to walk around in it. (loc 62)

Can you actually imagine this in real life, though? That moment when your best friend since childhood pulls an adult-sized diaper out of his night table, and expects you to go through with a casual bet made when you were drunk and had no idea he was a diaper fetishist?

Owen pulled out. “Go shower, and go pee,” he said. “And make sure it’s a good one: it’ll be your last in a toilet for the day. Daddy hasn’t forgotten your punishment.” Lexie nodded and trotted obediently to the bathroom. (loc 256)

It’s amazing how she’s adjusted to this situation so quickly.

Verdict: Blessedly free of grammatical errors. If you can suspend disbelief enough to get past the part where she doesn’t call the cops, run screaming, or tell him there’s no way she’s going to go out in public in a diaper because of a stupid bet, you’ll enjoy this, assuming abdl is your thing. (And hey: I recognize that some suspension of disbelief is required for most erotic fantasies. I’m mocking sympathetically, I swear.)