Title: Stepbrother’s Rules: A 1950’s Ageplay Romance

Author: Renee Rose

stepbrother's rules

WhatWhat: When LuAnn gets kicked out of her college dorm, her stepbrother gives her a place to stay, but he requires obedience from his “little girl.” This is the 1950s, though, so it ends in marriage. Also, she starts cooking and wearing an apron.

Money Quotes:

It was one thing if he was going to pretend to be her parent and scold and spank her, but she didn’t want Brad–the hero of so many childhood fantasies–thinking of her like a little girl he needed to discipline. (loc 252)

“I guess I need to buy you that Betty Crocker cookbook that no household is without these days,” he said with a wink. (loc 429)

“This can replace that ratty old white bear I gave you years ago.”

“No way. I’m not getting rid of marshmallow.” She squeezed the bear, twirling back and forth with it. “I’ll just add Beary to my collection.” (loc 582)

“These little breasts belong to Daddy.” He didn’t even know where the words were coming from, but they sounded so wicked, so right, a surge of lust nearly made him dizzy. (loc 665)

Verdict: Oh, my.

The book isn’t kidding when it puts “romance” in the title: this is hot and erotic, but it is also a love story, with a happy ending. (Unless 1950s domesticity gives you claustrophobia, in which case I guess the ending is your worst nightmare.) If you’re into the Dominant Daddy/little girl end of the bdsm spectrum, this book will be your catnip. If you’re not, this could be the one to convert you. It’s also very well written; my only quibble is a bit of tense-confusion, where the word “may” gets used instead of “might.”