Title: Monstrous Lust: Claimed and Overwhelmed at the Cabin in the Forest

Author: E. M. Beastly

monstrous lust

WhatWhat: Three girls, at the behest of Mia (the manic-pixiest of dreamgirls if ever there was one), go to a cabin in the woods for sex with strangers, only Mia’s “swingers” turn out to be…monsters, including a “great black stallion bathed in fire” and a lot of mice. Horny mice. I may have screamed and thrown my Kindle at the wall.

Money Quotes:

She talked openly about losing her virginity in high school and being in an orgy by her nineteenth birthday; saying she knew a special group, a secret sex club, from her hometown of Alpine. Hinting at some secret location they would sneak off to whenever they got together. She liked to taunt and tease them with her ideas that her club was so much easier to deal with than the formal relationships of her mundane world. (loc 73)

In real life if you meet someone like this, run. They are craycray.

There was no running water however, which could make cleaning up after any ‘dirty business’ interesting. (loc 86)

What a strange, distasteful little sentence.

On the nightstand was a purple sheet of craft paper. Written on it in yellow crayon was a note left by Mia. (loc 92)

Mia reminds me of Alice from the Twilight series, if Alice had been obsessed with weird sex.

It was highly erotically pornographic in its depiction of fantastic creatures all fucking in various positions; Goat-men and wolf-men, mice in peoples’ clothes dancing in the moonlight while black crows made love to the blue jays in the trees. (loc 128)

That is somewhere between lovely and creepy. If horror movies have taught me anything, however, it’s that you don’t pick up mysterious old books when you’re in a cabin in the woods.

Here they got bolder and began to taste and feel her more tender parts, gently pulling open her lady folds to run their paws in and around her moist softness. Paws then became tongues as they suckled at her labia’s crevices and underneath her clitoris. Their ability to magically control their size meant that many could crawl into her like their own private mouse hole. (loc. 318)

What the everloving fuck. A minute ago they were playing fiddles and dancing, and now this.

Verdict: The writing is a little rough: slightly ungrammatical, and prone to awkward phrasing and paragraphs of needless description (protip: no one reading monster erotica cares about the length and width of the deck). It was good, though. Creepy, and original, and even (disturbingly and unexpectedly) hot, in its own strange way.