Okay, so I was completely wrong about what I thought this was going to be. I thought maybe this would be the down-and-dirty dragon equivalent of all those Omegaverse wolf stories. It is Omegaverse, I guess, but this isn’t really erotica so much as erotic romance.

Title: Omega for the Dragon Rockstar

Author: TJ Cross

gomega for the dragon rockstar.jpg

WhatWhat: Sweetly gay American Kevin Acres gets picked up by rockstar Channing Joseph, whom he somehow fails to recognize and who he knows absolutely nothing about, including the part where he’s a dragon shifter. Actually the entire band are shifters of various kinds. They fall in insta-love and Channing knocks Kevin up, because why not.

Money Quotes:

“Eight centuries without committing myself to a single person has…left me strangely emotionally devoid. No, not empty… more like unlearned. I don’t know how it’s like to be with someone who I care for, who I want to be with,” Channing carefully said.

Kevin nuzzled his head under the alpha’s chin. “Then we’ll learn together.” (loc 1068)

As you can see, we’re firmly in fanfic territory here. Centuries of rugged aloofness, all over now that you’ve met this person who nuzzles you. Sure, it’s only been a couple of days, but it’s TRUE LOVE.

Male pregnancy is real, Kevin. The shifters call it Chosen — they’re miracle children, born from a very specific set of conditions that only two males can produce.”

“What conditions?”

“True love,” Channing murmured. Kevin was taken aback. (loc 1271)

Yeah, I’m a little taken aback too, considering you just implied women are incapable of true love.

He was starting to feel very maternal himself, knowing he was going to discover the first physical signs of his own pregnancy any moment now. (loc 1978)

Even most women I know aren’t quite this casual about pregnancy.

Verdict: This was in many ways adorable and sweet. Yes, it has explicit sex, but otherwise you could safely lend it to your maiden aunt. Assuming you wanted your maiden aunt to learn about dragon shifters and mpreg, that is, and for all you know she’s been writing explicit Kirk/Spock since before you were born, smartass.

This is definitely the fandom version of gay men, though, so if you’re an actual gay man it may well make you throw things at the wall. Also, some fandom damage (specifically the kind of casual misogyny that one finds in certain slash quarters) has crept in here.