Title: Hilary: From First Lady to Iron Lady

Author: Rachel Johnson


WhatWhat: Hilary [sic] is president, and has sex. It’s honestly that straightforward. Also she sucks off an intern, which makes a nice change from certain other presidents.

Money Quotes:

Once or twice a week he had to service her needs. He was a Secret Service Agent after all. (loc 43)

So THAT’s what that means.

“I am here to unwind honey. None of that pump and ceremony please,” she said, with a casual smile on her face. (loc 52)

Unsure if brilliant or typo.

“Okay if you need more hours, let me know,” she spoke to him.

“You offer a very good Secret Service,” she spoke in a flirty voice. (loc 61)

Maybe a thesaurus could help here.

Sometimes Hilary just wanted to let her head down and relax, but it was not always possible. (loc 81)

Hair, surely?

She wanted to feel his bulk and his paper lead touch. (loc 103)

His…I’m sorry, what?

She was meandering her way along the passion river, in the lust boat. She didn’t need to paddle. One of his bicep ridden arms were sufficient to navigate any stormy waters. (loc 107)

Fun with metaphors.

He was the fountain of what she needed to elevate and water her desires. She positioned her hips so that it was easier for him. (loc 116)

Okay then.

Thousands would have bitten his right arm off, just to get a chance to be where he was, for one week. (loc 148)

Those zombie hordes are seriously competitive about internships.

Verdict: It’s good to see Hillary get her turn to star in one of these, and I was deeply relieved that Donald Trump didn’t turn up in this. I was also somewhat disappointed that the ghost of a young Margaret Thatcher didn’t put in an appearance, if I’m being honest. It could really use an editor or a beta reader, though.