I have to be honest: if I’ve learned one thing from reading DD/lg stories, it’s that I would never have the patience to deal with an adult Little. I have a low tolerance for twee, and anyone who bounces around me insisting we take their teddy bears places had probably better be an actual child. Or paying me buckets of money, I suppose.

Title: Little Emily

Author: Chloe Carpenter

little emily
Resistance is futile. I’ve come to love the soothing pastel covers and teddy bears.

WhatWhat: Emily steals an apple (she’s hungry, not a random klepto) and is caught by former rock star Leo Slater, who not only offers her a much-needed job but has the equal-and-opposite kink to hers: he likes to be called Daddy and to discipline his lover, and she likes to be spanked and treated like a small girl.

Money Quotes:

Their eyes met in a perfect harmony of submissive green and dominant blue… (loc 58)

Shut up, I like that line.

“Oh pooh,” she muttered, and still rubbing her bottom frantically she made her way to the hated corner. (loc 139)

She even swears adorably. It makes me want to drink.

For the intruder was not a man as he had assumed, but a kid, and a female kid at that, judging by the bright pink pumps attached to a pair of bare legs that kicked as their owner frantically attempted to make her escape through the window. A plump little bottom encased in cut-off denim shorts wiggled and jiggled as it attempted to squeeze through the too-narrow gap. He was very, very tempted to spank it. (loc 162)

So she wears cut-offs and pumps to go for a walk in the countryside/commit a spot of housebreaking?

I’m Emily Adams. That’s the name the authorities gave me. I don’t know my real name as I was abandoned when I was three weeks old. (loc 304)

Reader, I LOL’d. It’s a standard feature of this subgenre that the “littles” are not only sweet and innocent and naturally childlike, but they suffer like Victorian melodrama heroines. Penniless waifs, each and every one of them.

“This is fluffy, so I guess he’s-“

“She,” corrected Emily.

“I guess she must be Fluff. So this handsome old thing must be Bertie.”

“You got it,” said Emily. She pounced on the bear and hugged it. “He called you a handsome old thing,” she told the bear. “And he’s right.”

If, like me, you feel that a little of this goes a long, long way, you may not be cut out for a relationship with a little.

“I love that one. You read so well! Can I have another? Please, Daddy.” Without waiting for a response, she turned the pages, unaware that she had called him ‘Daddy’. (loc 897)

I suspect “unaware” is Chloe’s middle name.

Verdict: This is an appealing subgenre. The stories are longer than most of the things I review here, and there’s a definite romance trajectory (rather than just erotica). So it might be more helpful to assess this as a novella-length erotic romance than a short-form erotic story.

As such, it has…not exactly character “development” so much as a gentle exploration of the characters as they are, and also there’s a definite happy ending. This one even has conflict in the form of the threat of another woman, although since she’s manipulative and not a precious, innocent Little there’s never much real doubt she’ll be sent packing. The broad-stroke portrayal of the “other woman” is likely to disturb you if you have a feminist bone anywhere in your body, though, and I would prefer Little Emily not have described herself with the words “it’s not that I’m retarded or anything.” (loc 847)

I’ve got a couple of other Chloe Carpenter stories lined up to read. There’s something soothing about them, and I can see how that’d be even more true if being Little was one of my fantasies.