Title: The Blog: Taken by the Men Who Raised Me

Author: Amber Paige

the blog

WhatWhat: April is a sex blogger, and after she accidentally posts her fantasy about her step father, he and her uncles show up to make her gangbang dreams come true.

Money Quotes:

There it is in all of it’s taboo glory; my fantasy admission of wanting to be at the center of a gangbang with my step father and step uncles. (loc 150)

That should be “its” and “:“.

The horny man who raised me pushes in and out, thrusting his cock between my lips as I look up at him with my big, beautiful eyes. He’s an incredibly confident man, and the way that he takes control of me and uses my body is a massive turn on. He’s rough with me, controlling my head with his hands as he uses me like a step neice sex doll until finally I’m forced to pull away and take in a desperate gasp of air.  (loc 221)

That reads so much like Chuck Tingle that I had to double check for dinosaurs.

“Go on!” I command. “Shove that big fat cock up yours up your sweet little step daughter!” (loc 233)

See? SEE?

Verdict: Generally well-written and entertaining. So Tingle-esque I kept waiting for someone to call the heroine a filthy little twink, though, which would have made no sense. Maybe I should step away from the Kindle for a while.