Title: Gill Man’s Girl

Author: Carolina Connor

gill man's girl

WhatWhat: To fast-track her way into grad school, undergraduate Lita Lawrence agrees to a field trip of sorts to the Amazon. One plane crash later she’s stranded next to some horny amphibians, and one of them has his eyes on her.

Money Quotes:

Goo covered her lower extremities and her arms from the elbows down. It was slimy, a dark gray-green color, about the consistency of egg whites. When she put some effort into it, she pulled one hand free with a sucking thonk sound, and then the other. The substance resembled slime the eels in the area secreted. (loc 28)

I’m not personally slimesexual, but I do own cosmetics made out of snail gel, so I empathize a little with this situation.

She itched and scratched her legs and arms. Dry, scaly skin–psoriasis–magnificent; apparently a reaction to the slime. (loc 69)

This is an important plot point.

And Bobby, bless his heart, was as opportunistic as the piranha. And hearly as bitey. Which was ironic considering he had part of one ear missing from a dog attack. (loc 76)

Bobby is Professor Moreno’s assistant. Bobby’s missing ear, and Moreno’s bow ties, are important details for reasons I won’t give away because really, you should read this one yourself.

His huge hands went to her shorts, the claws from his ‘thumbs’ ripping the seams with a flick, tearing them apart. She was breathing heavily, but she didn’t think it was from fear. (loc 136)

This is that vital missing scene from Creature from the Black Lagoon.

She would never be able to be with another man, she was pretty sure about that. They would all be compared to a river creature that no one else would believe existed. (loc 209)

Verdict: NGL, I adore each and every classic movie monster, particularly sea/swamp/Black Lagoon style ones. As a result of my huge fin-boner, this story could have gone horribly wrong from me, although the pitch-perfect 50’s-lightheartedness of the title raised my hopes very high.

I was not disappointed. Oh, there were some tiny SPAG errors, but this was generally well-written. It was campy and delightful and sexy, and it had a plot, with a shocking reveal at the end and everything. I am in love.