Title: Investigating the Doll Factory

Author: May Lillie

investigating the doll factory

WhatWhat: Melinda is a journalist, so she goes undercover in a factory where women are voluntarily turned into sex dolls for a month a time.

Money Quotes:

The deal was that you’d spend a month as a doll and they’d give you a years worth of minimum wages. (loc 32)

I have known so many grad students who would consider this.

We have an international order for five women, the time is the same but you’ll get twice the money since you’ll have to leave the U.S. (loc 44)

A chilling vision of the economy under President Donald Trump?

Some of the other women were already covered in goo and were on the beds. The men on their sides were actively rubbing their pussies, “Wait, you want to make me cum?” He nodded, “It’s part of the process. So unless you want to back out you need to lay on the bed.” (loc 106)

The dollification process involves orgasm, but does not involve the correct use of dialogue tags.

She held up a hand in front of her and something was off with it, she was no longer able to move her fingers separately. (loc 144)

Life in plastic, it’s fantastic.

Each stroke was pure agonizing pleasure and she had climaxed before he even made his way all the way inside. They had found some way to put her body into perpetual orgasm and Melinda felt as if she was going mad from the reaction. The man leaned into her body nd pressed his face to the back of her head. “You must love this. Whores like you should beg for my cock.”  (loc 183)

Verdict: Carefully sets up a consensual relinquishing-of-bodily-autonomy. All of the rest of it (including her inability to focus on investigating anything, because all she can think about is sex) is less horrifying because the consent is so clearly spelled out, with several chances for the women to back out of the contract.  I like fantasies that are constructed so that the obvious objections are sensibly removed. The SPAG errors are annoying, though.